I’m not a fan of making posts with only one video in them yet these 3 (somewhat related) videos were too hot not to share with you guys.

In the first (relatively short) video, a guy loses a bet and lick’s his friend’s asshole. Everything about this clip is perfect from his friends cheering him on, to the clap he makes letting everyone know he’s ready, to his friend’s smirk as he spreads his cheeks.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m the only person that’s ever shaved my ass. In the second video, two guys spread their ass cheeks so that their friend can shave around their holes with an electric trimmer. Although I’ll never know the true context of this scene, their already smooth asses and ridiculous behavior make this a great video to jerk off to.

In the last and perhaps most erotic video of the post, a fit guy is shown repeatedly fingering his friend’s asshole. Although everyone involved was clearly having fun (except maybe the guy having his ass penetrated), the video raises so many questions. Why was the guy shoving his finger up his friend’s ass? Does the guy being fingered not care he’s out in the open and the neighbors can easily see him with his ass spread?