For those of you that don’t know, competitive wrestling, boxing and MMA fighting have weight classes that athletes are grouped into. To verify that they aren’t under or over the requirements of their weight class, athletes participate in (sometimes public) weigh-ins. Unfortunately for them, athletes are sometimes so close to the upper boundaries of their weight classes that they have to remove some if not all of their clothing. Check out the videos below to see what I mean:

The first 3 videos were taken at college wrestling matches in the 90s. The wrestlers are shown stripping down prior to being weighed.

In this video, Karim Guerfi is shown undressing to his briefs prior to being weighed. His opponent Ryan Farrag, tries to do the same thing but when he steps on the scale he’s told that he’s over the weight limit with his briefs on and he has to take them off. For me, the part that’s so hot about this video is the surprised look on his face as he realizes he’s gonna have to strip naked in front of dozens of people. When he finally takes the briefs off, the people on stage do an awful job holding the towel up, revealing his pubes and a bit of his ballsack. Then right after he makes weight, he goes off stage and shows off his tight ass.
In this video, Carl Frampton faces the same fate that the Guerfi did. He’s told that he’s slightly overweight with his briefs on and he reluctantly takes them off. As soon as he does you can see a look of embarrassment on his face as the cameras in front of him start snapping pictures. You can clearly make out his shaved pubes and a little bit of his ballsack at 4:10 right before he wraps a towel around himself.
MMA fighter Nick Hayden also weighs in naked but covers better than the other fighters. Fortunately, once he made weight you goes to the back of the room, drops his towel and you can clearly see his bare ass as he bends down to get dressed.
In this clip you can clearly see boxer Terry Flanagan’s bare ass as he walks away from the stage to get dressed.
In this video, the man on stage does such a bad job covering up the naked fighter (using a shirt?) that you can make out his dick, balls and ass as he moves around.