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About Us

What We Are

The Gay Banana is a curated gay porn blog dedicated to finding the hottest unique or interesting content. With an insane amount of gay porn on the internet today, most of which is cheesy (and honestly pretty cringeworthy), we pride ourselves on posting only the best pictures and videos. Although hot porn is pretty subjective, we believe that we have something for everyone on The Gay Banana whether that be humiliated naked guys, nude male celebrities or just average guys jerking off.

What We’re Not

To put it simply, we’re not a tube site. We don’t host our own videos or post ridiculous photo galleries. Every photo or video shared on The Gay Banana is hand-picked because our bloggers think they’re hot. Our hope is that you won’t have to sift through dozens of pages porn to find something worth jerking off to. Instead, you should be able to find something unique and interesting in just a few clicks.